Clodagh is a fantastic coach that I've worked with over an extended period during which she has shown a unique ability to diagnose blockages for executives and mobilise them very effectively into action and outcomes. Clodagh's energy, engagement and subject matter expertise is a super blend for executive coaching and team facilitation in any setting
Sandra Thorpe
Head of HR Paddy Power

I had the pleasure of working closely with Clodagh for 12 months in 2010 as part of the implementation of our new strategy. Clodagh worked directly with the team at Social Entrepreneurs Ireland to help us define outcomes, tasks, roles, and help us to develop ways of working together as a team. The impact of this work was evident very quickly and has lasted well beyond the duration of her work with us.

Her insights and understanding of the organisation led to her being invited to join the SEI board shortly after her work with us.
Darren Ryan
Chief Executive at Social Entrepreneurs Ireland

Clodagh started working with us this time last year and we have never looked back. She has a fantastic ability to read situations and people which is a wonderful attribute. With Clodagh’s support and guidance we managed to tailor our requirements and achieve the results we had only hoped for. As a small group personality fit was vital to the working relationship and Clodagh became like one of the team in no time. That comes from her patience, her perseverance and her wealth of experience. We would certainly work with Clodagh again and would recommend her without hesitation.
Helena Sheridan
Head of HR SanDisk Dublin

Clodagh represents a rare blend of integrity, expertise, wisdom and heart. She not only is highly skilled at strategic business development and at facilitating and inspiring leadership, but she also brings invaluable insights to the table, based on a keen awareness of human dynamics and what it takes for individuals - and corporations - to exceed their own expectations. I challenge you to have just one short conversation with Clodagh and not to be immediately captivated AND motivated.
Olga Sheehan
Creator of the Ultimate Operating System for Humans

Clodagh provided invaluable support to our Senior Management Team in Crosscare - enabling us to come together as a cohesive unit whilst still being able to appreciate and respect our own individual differences within the team. She is a great motivator, and is also a very skilled communicator - she will very quickly get to the heart of the matter and give you the encouragement to change the things that are blocking your performance.
Ciara Carty
Head of HR CrossCare

Clodagh is a polished presenter, who recently gave a one day seminar aimed at helping people whose job had been made redundant, to have "their Best Year Yet". A very interesting framework to re-assess directions, goals, priorities and ambitions!
John Mockler Siemens

If confidence helps drive performance then attending one of Clodagh's sessions is like getting an engine overhaul! She is bursting with enthusiasm and creative ideas and you leave feeling truly empowered by your own abilities and strength
Dervla Cunningham
Senior Sales Manager at Symantec | Charity Board Director

Clodagh doesn't just talk about strategy or motivating teams, or delivering more sales or boosting the bottom but she makes it happen.

Through her approach and her positive attitude Clodagh effects real changes. She forces management teams to confront themselves and the business issues they face and then puts a realistic plan in place to effect real change.
Aileen O'Toole
CEO Amas Strategy Consultant and Independent Director

Clodagh passionately believes in making a difference. She has a strong commercial focus but ultimately cares about the individuals she interacts with and how they can unlock their potential. She combines empathy and personal insights with a real pragmatic approach so that things get done. She is a true trust-based adviser – puts the clients first (second and third) and confronts the difficult messages in a way that makes them feel manageable and actionable.
Aileen O'Malley Partner at O'Malley Sorohan

We all got a tremendous amount from the 3 day spent with Clodagh and our company and ourselves will be all the better for it!

Clodagh put a huge effort into understanding our needs and tailored everything to match our unique requirements. Her passion in coaching and joy when it all comes together was infectious in bringing our team on.
Enda Luddy
MD CBRE Ireland