Is your team capable of more?
When the business climate gets tough, it’s time to ask tough questions and identify your business’s soft spots. Using a result-driven approach and a business-planning programmer with a proven track record, Motive8 enable teams to meet targets and deliver results.

Is your team afraid of confrontation?
Many businesses fail because management and staff are afraid of conflict. Motive8 interventions encourage open and honest communication about matters critical to a company’s success. We help to create a forum for healthy debate, providing management and employees with the skills to engage in difficult but essential conversations in a non-confrontational way.

Is there a gap between your strategy and your performance?
Research by Harvard Business Review has found that the average company achieves only 63% of its financial targets. It also suggests that staff spend up to half their time and energy on work that contributes little to a company’s strategic goals. Motive8’s coaching intervention ensures that day-to-day matters do not distract team attention from key strategic goals.

Is team morale damaging team performance?
Team performance can be improved. Motive8 works closely with companies unwilling to settle for ‘adequate’, who want to go the extra mile to achieve their targets and potential