Improving Team Performance

Team performance can be improved. Motive8 works closely with companies unwilling to settle for ‘adequate’, and who will go the extra mile to achieve their targets and potential.

Motive8 employs a year-long business strategy process called Best Year Yet ®. Since 1980 this has built up an international track record for helping companies, large and small, to achieve their sales and other strategic targets, and have a record year.

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Helping Teams in Conflict

Motive8, using Lencioni’s world-renowned Five Dysfunctions of a Team intervention, helps teams to become more cohesive and to function better.

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Leading Teams

At Motive8 we don’t believe the adage that leaders are born and not made. We believe that anyone can become a good team leader if they are open to becoming more aware about themselves and about the teams they lead. This focus on “Self awareness” forms the basis of our team leadership interventions.

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