Training for sustained behavioural change

All too often teams and individuals go on training courses that focus on developing what we call their "above the line" leadership skills ( e.g delegation, time management, presentation, influence etc) thinking that this will make all the difference to improved performance back at the workplace.

It improves performance no doubt, but it doesn't always bring about sustained and long term enhancements.

Motive8 believes passionately that short-term performance improvements comes from working with clients above the water line but great long-term performance comes from working below it.

And that's where we shine . We push our clients to dig deep. We work with them both at an individual and team level to help them better understand how they think and what they believe about themselves so that they develop an attitude that supports great performance over the long-term.

This means that our courses and 1-1 coaching are never easy and are always challenging . But for those who want to be more than "good" they can be incredibly rewarding.