No team is perfect

Teams by their very nature are imperfect. Sometimes they work; sometimes they don’t; sometimes they fall apart. Mostly, they get by.

But when a team runs into real difficulties, when its members lack trust, fear conflict, lack commitment, and avoid accountability, then it is easier to push water up a hill than trying to deliver results.

Motive8, using Lencioni’s world-renowned Five Dysfunctions of a Team intervention, helps teams in trouble to become more cohesive and to function better.

Who is it for?
Teams who struggle with the following need this service:

  • conflict – where personality clashes hamper overall performance
  • lack of cohesion and trust between team members
  • experiencing meltdown and requiring external intervention to get back on track
  • poor communication

What are the results?
This programme results in a team that is:

  • more cohesive
  • focused on business objectives rather than individual issues
  • better armed to deal with personal matters
  • capable of achieving the required results

What can a team expect from this programme?
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team workshop, which takes place over a half day, one or two days, is highly interactive and involves numerous activities. Participants learn to assess their strengths, identify areas for improvement and learning in order to overcome the five dysfunctions of a team.