Tailored to meet specific individual needs executive coaching provides non-judgmental, objective support so that senior leaders and individuals can become more effective at what they do.

Motive8 follows a results based which is very action-oriented and focuses on producing clear goals and plans. When individuals are committed to change, coaching is a powerful tool in helping them to achieve lasting results

Who is it for?
Coaching is typically geared towards those who find themselves in the following situations:

  • newly promoted and adapting to the role’s broader management demands
  • in the midst of change and facing new challenges
  • successful but static – not sure where to go now or how to climb the next rung of the ladder
  • stressed and in need of support to better balance their lives
  • at the top of a career but feeling isolated and lacking a sounding board
  • handling feedback following a performance review or a 360-degree feedback exercise
What are the results?
After a series of coaching sessions participants are:
  • clear about how they can improve performance
  • ready to take personal responsibility
  • more confident, fulfilled and effective
What can I expect from a coaching programme?
No coaching relationship is ever the same; it is tailored to each client‘s requirements. A typical relationship, however, lasts for about 6 weeks and takes the following route:
  • getting started
  • identifying the issues
  • setting goals
  • overcoming obstacles
  • refining goals
  • reviewing and preparing for the way forward