Team performance can be improved. Motive8 works closely with companies unwilling to settle for ‘adequate’, and who will go the extra mile to achieve their targets and potential.

Motive8 employs a year-long business strategy process called Best Year Yet ®. Since 1980 this has built up an international track record for helping companies, large and small, to achieve their sales and other strategic targets, and have a record year.

Best Year Yet ® has delivered results for clients such as Bank of Ireland, Unilever, Barclays Bank, Zurich Financial Services, Friends First and Liberty Asset Management.

Who is it for?
The Best Year Yet ® process is excellent for clients who appreciate the value of teamwork and who are:

  • driven to achieve the maximum results possible
  • willing to embrace change to achieve their targets
  • open to serious challenge
  • aiming to be the best

What are the results?

  • A team’s strategy isn’t just talked about, it gets delivered
  • Team members are united in implementing a powerful one-page plan for business success
  • Issues that have previously hampered results are uncovered and resolved
  • There is absolute accountability for where team members’ responsibilities lie
  • When a team member fails to fulfil a responsibility or task, his/her peers are not afraid to address the matter
  • Monthly review meetings keep business priorities in focus and prevent day-to-day matters taking priority over critical strategic issues.
  • The online support system, PRO (Producing Results Online®), keeps tasks and responsibilities visible on a daily basis. There is no hiding from commitments.

What can a team expect from this programme?
The Best Year Yet ® team programme consists of three elements.

Part one
The first part of the programme consists of a one- to one-and-a-half day workshop to create a strategic plan for the team. This can enhance the traditional strategic planning process. At the end of this, everyone owns the plan and is enthusiastic about implementing it. This dynamic method is possible at virtually any stage of the planning process.

Part two
The second part of the programme is a half-day workshop during which team members create their individual Best Year Yet ® plans to support the strategic plan. Success requires individuals to be clear about goals for their lives outside as well as inside work. When linked to the team plan, the world makes much more sense and individual employees become far more effective team players.

Part three
The final part of the programme consists of monthly review sessions in which Motive8 tracks the strategic plan’s progress, discusses fundamental issues, reviews principles of transformation and assesses movement on personal plans. The monthly review sessions are supported by web-based tracking software called PRO (Producing Results Online®), which makes sure the team achieves all aspects of the plan.